núro noun "servant" (NDŪ; in Etym as published in LR, the gloss is misread as "sunset"; see VT45:38)

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n. servant, ?person

A noun attested only in its plural form bênî “servants” as an element in the term Êru-bênî “Servants of God” (SD/341, 357). This noun resembles the Sindarin word pen² “person”, especially in the Sindarin lenited form -ben. The Adûnaic noun may be related, having undergone phonetic development similar to that discussed for Ad. bêth “word”, so that bên is ultimately derived from Primitive Elvish ✶kwēn “person”, which could be its archaic meaning. Andreas Moehn instead suggested (/BIN) that it is derived from a root *BIN, possibly related to Ed. Bëor “Vassal, Servant”.

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n. servant, slave

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