Mae govannen!

Parf Edhellen—an Elvish Book—is a free online dictionary for Tolkien's languages. It consists of glosses imported from Hiswelókë Sindarin Dictionary, Ardalambion's dictionary and many others. Use the text field above to begin your journey.

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My name is Leonard and I develop and maintain this elvish dictionary. If you want to get in touch with me, please tweet me at @parmaeldo on Twitter.

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x7U5$ w~V2 5${`B

Guren bêd enni

My heart tells me.

Sindarin [VT41:11]

Black Speech, Nandorin, Noldorin, Quendya, Quenya, Sindarin, Telerin are languages conceived by Tolkien and they do not belong to us; we neither can nor do claim affiliation with Middle-earth Enterprises nor Tolkien Estate.