Mae govannen!

This is an Elvish Book, Parf Edhellen, dedicated to Tolkien's languages.


This website is dedicated to Tolkien's languages, with an emphasis on the elvish languages of his legendarium. Our dictionary consists of imported glosses from a variety of quality dictionaries. You can read more on our about page.

Parf Edhellen is a non-profit, non-commercial endeavor. It is developed and maintained by Leonard. Please contact us on Twitter if you would like to get in touch, @parmaeldo. If you are a developer, you can also follow the project on Github.

Random phrase

`V5"^ `N5"# `V5"^ `V5"$ -

Enno onna enno enne.

Funny word play by Tamas, who refers to the phrase as a "Middle-Earth saying."

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