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This website is dedicated to Tolkien's languages, with an emphasis on the elvish languages of his legendarium. Our dictionary consists of imported glosses from a variety of quality dictionaries, categorised and searchable by sense, conjugation and more. You can read more on our about page.

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Gloss of the hour


suffix. adjective suffix


  • -iel ✧ Ety/LÁWAR (-iel); Ety/NEI (-iel)

Element in

  • N. gloriel “golden” ✧ Ety/LÁWAR
  • N. niniel “tearful” ✧ Ety/NEI
Noldorin [Ety/LÁWAR; Ety/NEI] Group: Eldamo. Published by

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Phrase of the day

  

Tôl acharn!

Vengeance comes (present tense). Húrin's exclamation just before he left the land of Hithlum.

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