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Phrase translation
Elaran 2018-01-31T12:05:53+00:00
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Account “Aldaleon”
Aldaleon 2018-01-31T05:14:42+00:00
23 12
My name in Quenya?
Aldaleon 2018-01-25T17:58:04+00:00
2 2
Account “Nathal”
Aldaleon 2018-01-21T07:40:47+00:00
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Account “Petērūz”
Aldaleon 2017-12-25T14:39:24+00:00
1 1
Account “Avaloyuru Geovaughni”
Aldaleon 2017-12-05T11:05:58+00:00
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Aldaleon 2017-11-15T08:32:51+00:00
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Account “s Cook”
Aldaleon 2017-11-13T12:30:59+00:00
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Account “Denali Meshew”
Aldaleon 2017-11-06T13:10:49+00:00
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"of the Earth and the Moon"
Jessila Hellsgroove 2017-11-03T18:50:37+00:00
8 4
Phrase “Gilraen's Linnod” by Elaran
Aldaleon 2017-11-02T14:59:05+00:00
2 1
Account “Almárë Meneldilmë”
Aldaleon 2017-10-26T03:37:57+00:00
1 1
Welcome to the new 'Discuss' section
Nathal 2017-10-25T20:32:14+00:00
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Gloss “telemnar”
Emma Deli Syahputra 2017-10-06T11:27:40+00:00
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Gloss “mára”
Aldaleon 2017-10-03T07:20:20+00:00
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Account “Paul Strack”
Aldaleon 2017-09-17T17:40:17+00:00
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Gloss “ereve”
Aldaleon 2017-09-04T11:55:47+00:00
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Account “Alphin”
Aldaleon 2017-08-22T14:00:19+00:00
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Phrase “The King's Letter”
Silwen Lissethil 2017-08-06T00:05:01+00:00
3 6
Account “Ronnie Large”
Aldaleon 2017-08-01T18:58:33+00:00
1 0
Account “Sørennia”
Aldaleon 2017-08-01T15:24:04+00:00
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Gloss “ú-”
Aldaleon 2017-07-22T12:38:55+00:00
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Account “Silwen Lissethil”
Aldaleon 2017-07-18T13:23:25+00:00
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Account “Elfdict Test”
Aldaleon 2017-07-13T09:45:06+00:00
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