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Compound Nouns
Anwion Morduin on 2021-05-04T17:20:29+00:00
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Two possible options for "I will not fear"?
Röandil on 2021-03-30T21:45:05+00:00
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Phrase “How to Thank in Sindarin” by Elaran
Aylín on 2021-03-18T22:12:54+00:00
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Translation Help - Sindarin
Vikeltic on 2021-01-28T01:09:57+00:00
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help with correcting a transaltion of a frase
Röandil on 2021-01-22T15:47:27+00:00
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Help with the word Maethril
Röandil on 2021-01-10T20:45:01+00:00
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Translation Help: Sindarin
Rainelda on 2021-01-06T20:12:39+00:00
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Phrase “Merry Christmas!” by Aldaleon
Elaran on 2020-12-24T19:23:25+00:00
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Small talk
tofer on 2020-12-21T12:36:19+00:00
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Traslation- whats wrong with you
Faith on 2020-12-20T13:58:15+00:00
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Help with translation
Röandil on 2020-11-23T06:11:44+00:00
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Does anyone know what this elvish script says?
Elaran on 2020-11-22T01:25:00+00:00
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