Name help

Foxie Scheller #1808

I'm trying to name a character and I'd like it to be a sindarin translation of "healing cat." Can anyone recommend a name?

Ardhoniel #1832

I could find either words healing or cat but here's a good website to look on.

Mitch "Melehtawe" Yurkovich #1835

Doing a quick word search, athae is Sindarin for healing, muig is Sindarin for the noun cat. So Athamuig would be a possible combination for healing cat. Athae is found in the books in the word athelas "healing herb". Muig is pronounced moo+eeg (the ui can be heard when you say "too young". You hear it just after the "t-" and before the "-ung" in young) So Athamuig could be pronounced "AH-tha-MOO-eeg". Hope this helps. This wouldn't happen to be for a LOTRO character, would it. :)

Gilruin #1859

Your suggestions misses an important phenomenon in Sindarin: Consonant mutation. Those rules dictate for example that m between vowels needs to become v, so rather Athaevuig which possibly reduces further to Athevuig (like athelas).

On another point, is rather outdated.

Mitch "Melehtawe" Yurkovich #1863

Thanks for the correction jteuber. Can you point me to any references for translating to Sindarin that might include this and other phenomenon? Hadn't thought of consonant mutation, but looking into other words I've translated or created for myself in Sindarin I'd like to see a guide that can help me improve my translations.

Gilruin #1864

This is a chart of consonant mutations by Elaran for quick reference but it won't be enough without context. This is the currently most up to date grammar primer by Fiona Jallings that covers consonant mutations as well as all other topics of interest for a beginner but it won't equip you with the knowledge required for compounding/name formation. This is arguably the hardest problem in Sindarin (which is why I haven't done the example myself but have stolen it from Elaran) and you need to dive deep into the phonological history of the language to master it. This actually means that I don't consider myself to be proficient with name formation in all its intricacies, I just know enough about it to see that single intervocalic m can't work.

Mitch "Melehtawe" Yurkovich #1866

Wow! "How many rules do I have to learn to form names? About 140!" Guess after looking through elfdict for a few hours I've only dipped the tip of my nose in the deep dive needed to form names!! Guess I'll do my best and try to weather the storm of any Sindarin linguists I might come across. Thanks again!!