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suffix. *female suffix

Element in

  • G. bridhwig “liege (f.)” ✧ GL/24
  • G. drogwin “slave woman” ✧ GL/31
  • G. faronwin “foreigner (f.)” ✧ GL/34
  • G. flathwin “foam fay” ✧ GL/35
  • G. golwin “*Gnomish woman” ✧ PE13/118
  • G. gwegwin “hermaphrodite” ✧ GL/44
  • G. gothwin “amazon” ✧ GL/42
  • G. curdhwin “sinner [f.]” ✧ GL/28


gwin“woman, female”


  • -wig ✧ GL/24 (-wig)
  • -wein ✧ PE13/118; PE13/118
Gnomish [GL/24; GL/28; GL/31; GL/34; GL/35; GL/42; GL/44; PE13/118] Group: Eldamo. Published by


suffix. *female suffix


suffix. *female suffix