Quenya 

nasser ar cenime cantar valaron ar maiaron

The Natures and Visible Shapes of the Valar and Maiar


nassë“nature, true-being, *essence; person, individual”
ar“and, and; [ᴱQ., ᴹQ.] but”
cénima“visible, visible, [ᴹQ.] able to be seen”
canta“shape, framework, shape, framework, [ᴹQ.] frame; shaped”
Vala“(Angelic) Power, ‘God’, Authority, (Angelic) Power, Authority, God”
ar“and, and; [ᴱQ., ᴹQ.] but”
Maia“(angelic) spirit, the Beautiful”


  • Nasser ar Kenime Kantar Valaron ar Maiaron ✧ PE17/175
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