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noun. Finrod

prop. n.

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noun. Finrod

prop. n. . This gloss was rejected.

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noun. Finrod

hair-eminent one; find (“hair”) + arod (from Tel. aráto - aráta “noble” + masculing ending -o) In [Etym. RAUTĀ-], the second element is given as rod (from raud “metal”. S equivalent of Tel. Findaráto.

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masculine name. Finrod

Eldest son of Finarfin, ruler of Nargothrond (S/61). His name is an adaptation of his Quenya name Findaráto (PM/346), a combination of fîn “hair” and the suffixal form -rod of raud or arod “noble” (SA/fin, PE17/49, VT41/9).

Conceptual Development: The name Finrod first appeared in the Lays of Beleriand from the 1920s, but at this stage he was father of the ruler of Nargothrond (LB/80); see the entry for S. Felagund for the history of this name’s assignment to various characters. This relationship remained true in the Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, when Finrod was established as the third son of Finwë (LR/113).

In The Etymologies from the 1930s, N. Finrod was given as a derivative of ᴹ✶Phinde-rauto containing ON. phinde “skill” and the suffixal form -rod of rhaud “metal” (Ety/PHIN, RAUTĀ). The name was reassigned to the ruler of Nargothrond in the 1960s between the publication of the 1st and 2nd edition of The Lord of the Rings (MR/104, note §86; RC/738), and soon after Tolkien devised the etymology given above (PM/346).


  • Q. Findaráto “*[Golden] Hair Champion” ✧ PM/346; PMI/Finrod; SA/ar(a)
  • Q. Artafindë “*Noble [Golden] Hair” ✧ PM/360


Element in


fîn“(single) hair, filament”
raud“noble, eminent; lofty, high, tall; excellent”

Phonetic Developments

findarātō > find-raud > findrod > finrod[pʰindarātō] > [pʰindarāto] > [ɸindarāto] > [ɸindarǭto] > [findarǭto] > [findarauto] > [findaraut] > [findaraud] > [findraud] > [findrod] > [finrod]✧ VT41/09


  • finrod ✧ VT41/09
Sindarin [LotRI/Finrod; LT1I/Finrod; LT1I/Inglor; LT2I/Finrod; MR/329; MRI/Finrod²; PE17/049; PM/346; PM/360; PMI/Finrod; SA/ar(a); SA/fin; SI/Finrod; UTI/Finrod; VT41/09; WJI/Finrod; WJI/Inglor] Group: Eldamo. Published by



The name Finrod is the Sindarin form of his father-name Findaráto ("[Golden-]Haired Champion"). His mother-name was Ingoldo ("The Noldo", singular for Noldor) or the name can also mean 'one-eminent of the kindred' which is in simpler words 'the wise.' Felagund was an epessë given to him by the Dwarves that expanded the caves of Nargothrond, and meant "Hewer of Caves". It is not Sindarin, but rather Sindarized Khuzdul, from Felakgundu. Finrod was also called Nóm ("Wisdom") by Bëor and his people. His other titles include "Master of Caves" (by the Dwarves), "King of Nargothrond", "Lord of Nargothrond", and "Friend-of-Men" which in elvish was Edennil and Atandil, Sindarin and Quenya respectively.

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