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Findaráto masc. name *"Hair-champion", Sindarized as Finrod(SA:ar(a) )


masculine name. *[Golden] Hair Champion

The father-name of S. Finrod from which his Sindarin name was derived (PM/346). The first element of his name seems to be findë “hair”, perhaps in reference to his golden hair (UT/229), but also alluding to his grandfather Finwë as with the name of his cousin Findecáno (PM/345). The second element seems to be aráto “champion” (SA/ar(a)), though it may actually be a masculinized form of the adjective arata “noble”. Like his brother Angaráto, his name is “Telerin in form” to honour their mother, with the adjectival element arata second. The more natural Quenya form of his name would have been Artafindë (PM/346).

Conceptual Development: In some earlier notes, his (archaic) Quenya name is given as Finaratā >> Finaratō (PE17/39).


  • FinaratāFinaratō ✧ PE17/039


  • S. Finrod ✧ PM/346; PMI/Finrod; SA/ar(a)


findë“hair (especially of the head), tress or plait of hair, hair (especially of the head); tress or plait of hair, [ᴹQ.] braid of hair”
aráto“champion, eminent man, noble, lord, king”


  • Finaratō ✧ PE17/039
  • Finaratā ✧ PE17/039 (Finaratā)
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