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Angamando place-name "Iron-gaol", Sindarin Angband(MR:350). The Etymologies gives Angamanda "Angband, Hell", lit. "Iron-prison" (MBAD, VT45:33). In deleted material in the Etymologies, the Quenya name of Angband was Angavanda (VT45:6); cf. vanda #2. Older "Qenya" has Angamandu "Hells of Iron" (or pl. Angamandi) (LT1:249).


place name. Iron Prison, Iron-gaol

The Quenya form of S. Angband (MR/350), a compound of anga “iron” and mando “prison”.

Conceptual Development: This name first appeared as ᴱQ. Eremandu and (plural) Angamandi “Hells of Iron”, the first of these using another word for “iron”: ᴱQ. ere(n) (QL/36, LT1/77). At this early stage, the second element was ᴱQ. mandu “hell” (QL/58). In The Etymologies from the 1930s, it was replaced by the singular form ᴹQ. Angamanda “Iron Prison” (Ety/MBAD), eventually altered to Angamando in Silmarillion revisions from the 1950s-60s (MR/350).


  • S. Angband “Iron Prison” ✧ MR/350; MRI/Angband; SA/band


mando“custody, safe keeping; prison, duress”
Quenya [MR/350; MRI/Angband; SA/band] Group: Eldamo. Published by


custody, safe keeping

mando noun "custody, safe keeping" (MR:350) or "prison, duress" (in Mandos, see below, also compare Angamando being translated 'Iron-Gaol') (SA:band). A variant #manda occurs in the place-name Angamanda (see Angamando). Personal name Mando "the Imprisoner or Binder", usually lengthened Mandos. In a deleted version of the entry MBAD of the Etymologies, Tolkien gave mando the meaning "doomsman, judge" instead of "custody" (MBAD (ÑGUR, GOS/GOTH, SPAN), VT45:33)



anga noun "iron", also name of tengwa #7 (ANGĀ, Appendix E, SA, PM:347, LT1:249, 268). In the pre-classical Tengwar system presupposed in the Etymologies, anga was the name of letter #19, which tengwa Tolkien would later call noldo instead (VT45:6). Masc. names Angamaitë "Iron-handed" (Letters:347), Angaráto "Iron-champion", Sindarin Angrod(SA:ar(a) ). See also Angamando, tornanga and cf. Angainor as the name of the chain with which Melkor was bound (Silm)


noun. iron


  • T. anga “iron” ✧ PM/347
  • S. ang “iron” ✧ PM/347; SA/anga


  • angā “iron” ✧ PM/347

Element in

  • Q. Angainor ✧ SA/anga
  • Q. Angamaitë “Iron-handed” ✧ PM/347
  • Q. Angamando “Iron Prison, Iron-gaol”
  • Q. Angaráto “*Iron Champion” ✧ PM/347
  • Q. Artanga “*Noble Iron”
  • ᴺQ. angaraxa “train”
  • ᴺQ. angatië “railway line, railroad track, (lit.) iron-road”
  • ᴺQ. angamendar “train station, (lit.) iron way-stop”
  • Q. tornanga “hard-iron, iron hard, iron hard; hard-iron, *steel” ✧ PE17/056

Phonetic Developments

angā > anga[aŋgā] > [aŋga]✧ PM/347
Quenya [LotR/1122; PE17/056; PM/347; SA/anga] Group: Eldamo. Published by



erë, eren noun "iron" or "steel"; Eremandu variant of Angamandu (Angband) (LT1:252; "iron" should be anga in LotR-style Quenya, but erë, eren may still be used for "steel". See also yaisa.)