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custody, safe keeping

mando noun "custody, safe keeping" (MR:350) or "prison, duress" (in Mandos, see below, also compare Angamando being translated 'Iron-Gaol') (SA:band). A variant #manda occurs in the place-name Angamanda (see Angamando). Personal name Mando "the Imprisoner or Binder", usually lengthened Mandos. In a deleted version of the entry MBAD of the Etymologies, Tolkien gave mando the meaning "doomsman, judge" instead of "custody" (MBAD (ÑGUR, GOS/GOTH, SPAN), VT45:33)


noun. custody, safe keeping; prison, duress


  • S. band “prison, custody, duress, prison, custody, [N.] duress; [ᴱN.] hell” ✧ SA/band; MR/350; MR/471


  • mbandō “custody, safekeeping; prison, duress” ✧ MR/350; MR/471; SA/band

Element in

  • Q. Angamando “Iron Prison, Iron-gaol” ✧ MR/350; SA/band
  • ᴺQ. mandontur “jailer”
  • Q. Mandos “Castle of Custody” ✧ MR/350

Phonetic Developments

mbandō > mando[mbandō] > [mandō] > [mando]✧ MR/350
mbandō > mando[mbandō] > [mandō] > [mando]✧ MR/471
mbando > mando[mbando] > [mando]✧ SA/band
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castle of custody

Mandos (Mandost-) noun "Castle of Custody" (the approximate meaning, according to MR:350). Used as the name of a Vala, properly the place where he dwells (the Halls of Mandos), whereas his real name is Námo_ (WJ:402). _In Tolkiens mythology, the "Halls of Mandos" are the abode of the dead, where their spirits remain until they are released from this world (in the case of mortals) or rebodied (in the case of Elves except for those who are refused or themselves refuse further incarnate life, and so remain in Mandos indefinitely). In the Etymologies, Mandos (also Mandossë) is interpreted somewhat differently, "Dread Imprisoner" (MBAD (MANAD),VT45:32) or in a deleted version "Dread Doom" (VT45:33, where Mandos was asigned the stem Mandosse-). The interpretation "Dread Imprisoner" would suggest that Tolkien at the time thought of Mandos as being also properly the name of a person, the Vala Námo, not the name of a place. See also Mando.



#manda, variant of mando (q.v.), only attested as part of the name Angamanda (q.v.)


prison, hell

[vanda] (2) noun "prison, Hell" (cf. Angavanda). (VT45:6; this word was apparently rejected in favour of mando)