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noun. heavy hand

mab (Dor. “hand”) + lung (Dor. “heavy”)

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masculine name. Heavy Hand

An Elf of Doriath whose name is translated “Heavy Hand” (S/185), a combination of mâb “hand” (VT47/7) and lung “heavy”. In some late notes it was also translated “with Weighted Hand” (VT47/8).

Conceptual Development: When he first appeared in the earliest Lost Tales, this character’s name was already G. Mablung “Heavy-hand(ed)” (LT2/38, 231), and so it remained throughout Tolkien’s later writings. In The Etymologies from the 1930s, the name Ilk. Mablung was designated Ilkorin, with the same derivation as given above (Ety/LUG¹, MAP). At this time, the Noldorin word for “heavy” was given as N. lhong, which would Sindarize as (ᴺS.) ✱long. This means that the name Mablung might be dialectical Sindarin; see S. lung for further discussion.



mâb“hand, hand, [N.] grasp”
lung“heavy, heavy; [G.] grave, serious”
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The Sindarin name Mablung is translated as "with weighted hand". The name might either have been prophetic or given as a title after the cutting of the Silmaril. The Quenya equivalent of Mablung appears to have been Lungumá or Lungumaqua ("Heavyhand"), containing the element ("hand").

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