Quenya 



Laiquendi noun "Green-elves", not much used (translated from Sindarin Laegil, Laegelrim) (WJ:385, SA:quen-/quet-, LÁYAK; spelt "Laiqendi" in the latter source)


collective name. Green-elves

Another name for the Nandor meaning “Green-elves” (S/96), a compound of laica “green” and the plural of Quendë “Elf”. In one place (WJ/385), Tolkien said this name was not much used.

Conceptual Development: The earliest form of this name was ᴹQ. Laiqeldar (SM/270), because at the time Tolkien used Eldar as a generic term for Elves. This version contained an earlier Quenya word for “green”: ᴹQ. laiqa. The name changed to ᴹQ. Laiqendi when Tolkien revised his naming scheme for Elves (LR/176, Ety/LÁYAK). The name retained this form into the published version of The Silmarillion, despite the change of ᴹQ. laiqa >> Q. laica (PE17/84), though later it could have derived the “qu” from the element Quendë.

Quenya [LT2I/Laiquendi; MR/169; MRI/Laiquendi; PE18/073; S/096; SA/quen; SI/Green-elves; SI/Laiquendi; SMI/Laiqi; WJ/385; WJI/Laegel] Group: Eldamo. Published by


green-elves, *danians

Nanar pl. noun "Green-elves, *Danians", sg. *Nana (DAN)

Sindarin 


proper name. Green-elves

A Sindarin term for the Green Elves (WJ/385), a combination of laeg “green” and †Ell “Elf”.

Sindarin [WJ/385; WJI/Laegel] Group: Eldamo. Published by

Noldorin 


proper name. Green-elves

Noldorin equivalent of ᴹQ. Laiqendi “Green-elves” appearing in The Etymologies from the 1930s, a combination of N. lhoeb “fresh” (cognate of ᴹQ. laiqa “green”) and the plural of N. Eledh “Elf” (Ety/LÁYAK). It also appeared in the variant form Lhoebenidh.

Conceptual Development: In an early form of this entry, it appeared as Lhebenidh or Lhebelidh (EtyAC/LÁYAK).

Noldorin [Ety/LÁYAK; EtyAC/LÁYAK] Group: Eldamo. Published by

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Qenya 


collective name. Green-elves
Qenya [Ety/LÁYAK; LR/176; LRI/Laiqendi; PE18/024] Group: Eldamo. Published by


collective name. Green-elves
Qenya [LRI/Laiqeldar; SM/270; SMI/Laiqi] Group: Eldamo. Published by


collective name. Green-elves
Qenya [Ety/DAN; LR/175; LRI/Danas] Group: Eldamo. Published by



collective name. Green-elves

The name Danians used for themselves, derived from the name of their original leader Dan (LR/175, 215; Ety/DAN). It is apparently a combination of that name with an abstract-noun or collective-plural suffix -as.

Ossriandric [Ety/DAN; Ety/NDAN; LR/175; LR/215; LRI/Danas; MRI/Danas; RSI/Danas; WJI/Danas] Group: Eldamo. Published by


* Green-elves


The Sindarin name Laegrim (class plural; sing Laegel, pl Laegil) or Laegel(d)rim, meaning "Green-elves", was a name used by the Sindar of Beleriand for the inhabitants of Ossiriand and Lindon. This term was translated by the Noldor to Quenya Laiquendi.[note 1] In the Etymologies appears early Elvish names for the Green-elves: Qenya Laiqendi and Noldorin Lhoebenidh or Lhoebelidh.

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