n. Sun

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n. Sun

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name. Sun

A late remnant of earlier names for the Sun: ᴱQ. Ûr and ᴹQ. Úrin. In Silmarillion revisions from the 1950s-60s, this name was changed from Úrin >> Naira >> Vása (MR/198), but the form Úr(in) occasionally appeared in some later writings (PE17/148, MR/377). This name was a derivative of the root √UR¹ “heat, be hot” (PE17/148).
Conceptual Development: In the earliest Lost Tales, this name was ᴱQ. Ûr, Ur or Úri “Sun”, but literally meaning “Fire” (LT1/187, QL/98). The name became ᴹQ. Úrin in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s (LR/240). It was rejected in the Etymologies along with the root form ᴹ√UR¹, but reappeared sometimes in later writing as noted above.

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n. sun

A noun translated “sun” (SD/306, 428). This word appears in the forms ûrê, ûri and ûrî, but Tolkien declared that the form with long î is actually the personified form Ûrî “Lady of the Sun” (SD/426), perhaps the Adûnaic name of Q. Arien. The form ûrê only appears once (SD/426), so ûri is probably to be preferred as the ordinary word for Sun, especially since it is a neuter noun, which ordinarily cannot end in a long (SD/427). Tolkien lists the “later forms Uir, Ŷr” (SD/306), one of which may be the Westron word for “sun”, most likely Wes. uir. As suggested by several authors (/24, /UR), ûri is probably derived from the Elvish root ᴹ√UR¹.

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n. sun

A word listed as a later form of Ad. ûri “sun” (SD/306) and therefore perhaps a Westron word, as suggested by Andreas Moehn (/UR). The other “later form” Ŷr is unlikely to be Westron, since y seems not to be a vowel in Westron.

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Primitive elvish


n. Sun

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n. sun

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name. Sun, ‘appointed heat’

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name. Sun

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n. sun

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name. Sun

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