Quenya 


the sun-maiden

Arien fem. name "the Sun-maiden", the Maia of the Sun (AR1; Silm); cf. árë "sunlight"


feminine name. Maiden of the Sun

The Maiden of the Sun who guided the solar orb through the heavens after it was created (S/99). Her name is likely a compound of árë “sunlight” and the feminine suffix -ien.

Conceptual Development: When she first appeared, this character’s name was ᴱQ. Urwen(di) “Sun-maiden” (LT1/179, LT1A/Urwen), combining the early name of the Sun, ᴱQ. Ûr, with ᴱQ. wen(di) “maiden”. Her name was later revised to ᴹQ. Úrien (SM/97, SM/170) >> ᴹQ. Árien (SM/99, 168) >> ᴹQ. Arien (LR/243, Ety/AR¹).

In later writings, the name sometimes appeared with the long Á (PE17/148, MR/376) but usually had a short A, and this is the form appearing in the later drafts and published versions of The Silmarillion (MR/136, 198; S/99). In his late notes on the cosmology of Middle-earth, Tolkien consider numerous variant forms for this name: Áren, Ār(i), Ārië, Āzië and even a (rejected) masculine form Auron (MR/376, 380), but none of these variants appeared in the narratives. The early form Úrien also briefly reappeared in some linguistic note from the 1950s (PE21/86).


  • AS “warmth” ✧ SA/arien


árë“sunlight, warmth (especially of the sun); day”
-ien“feminine ending; feminine patronymic, -daughter”

Phonetic Developments

as- > arien[asien] > [azien] > [arien]✧ SA/arien


  • Auron ✧ MR/376; MRI/Auron
  • Áren ✧ MR/376; MRI/Arien
  • Ār(i) ✧ MR/380 (✶Ār(i))
  • Āzië ✧ MR/380 (Āzië)
  • Ārië ✧ MR/380
  • Ár(i) ✧ MRI/Arien
  • Ázië ✧ MRI/Arien
  • Árien ✧ PE17/148
  • Úrien ✧ PE21/86
  • arien ✧ SA/arien
Quenya [LT1I/Arien; MR/136; MR/198; MR/376; MR/380; MRI/Arien; MRI/Auron; PE17/148; PE21/86; S/099; SA/arien; SI/Arien] Group: Eldamo. Published by


Maiden of Sunlight

Arien means "Maiden of Sunlight" in Quenya, from árë "sunlight" and -ien feminine suffix.

Since Arien is connected to the "daisy" (corruption of day's eye), it is possible that the name comes from árë + hen "eye"

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Arien means "Maiden of Sunlight" in Quenya. It is derived from the root as-, seen also in árë "sunlight" and -ien feminine suffix.

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