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Early Quenya


noun. sun and moon

An (archaic) dual construction for the Sun and Moon as a pair, appearing in both the Early Qenya Grammar and the Early English-Qenya Dictionary (PE14/76; PE15/75, 77). It is a combination of ᴱQ. Ahúra “Sun” and the dual of ᴱQ. Sil “Moon”.

Early Quenya [PE14/076; PE15/75; PE15/77] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. sun and moon

An (archaic?) dual formation for the “sun and moon” appearing in the Early Qenya Grammar and English-Qenya Dictionary of the 1920s (PE14/76; PE15/75), except that it appears to be a combination of ᴱQ. Rána “moon” and the dual variant of ᴱQ. rinku “orb of the moon”, hence is actually “moon and moon”.


rinku“orb of Moon”


  • ranuringwi ✧ PE15/75 (ranuringwi)
Early Quenya [PE14/076; PE15/75] Group: Eldamo. Published by