Gloss “ve” by Eldamo Import

Quenya zR5Ì#


preposition. after the manner, as, as, like, as, like, similar, after the manner [of], like, like to
Quenya [LotR/0377.2903; LotR/0377.3002; LotR/0377.3701; MC/222.0201; MC/222.1201; MC/222.1701; PE17/036.2904; PE17/063.0502; PE17/063.0505; PE17/063.0508; PE17/063.3212; PE17/069.3402; PE17/076.1912; PE17/130.0416; PE17/174.0107; PE17/175.2707; PE17/189.3113; RGEO/58.0603; RGEO/58.0702; RGEO/58.1401; RGEO/58.4402; RGEO/58.4407; RGEO/59.0702; VT49/10.2805; VT49/10.3303; VT49/22.0601; VT49/32.2412; VT49/32.2510] Group: Eldamo. Published by