Quenya 

yéni únótimë ve rámar aldaron

long years numberless as the wings of trees

Second line @@@

Element in


yén“Elvish long year (144 solar years)”
únótima“numberless, innumerable, countless, difficult/impossible to count”
ve“as, like, similar, after the manner [of], as, like, similar, after the manner [of]; [ᴹQ.] with”
ráma“wing, wing; [ᴱQ.] arm”
alda“tree, tree, [ᴱQ.] branch”


  • yḗni ū̀nṓtimè ve rā́mar áldaròn ✧ RGEO/58
Quenya [LotR/0377; RGEO/58] Group: Eldamo. Published by