Quenya 


fencing heights

Pelóri place-name "Fencing Heights", the mountains raised by the Valar to protect Aman (SA:pel, WJ:403)


place name. Mountain Wall, Fencing Heights

The Mountains of Aman surrounding the land of the Valar (S/37). This name was translated as “Mountain Wall” (PE17/26) and “fencing or defensive heights” (WJ/403). It seem to be a combination of pelo “boundary (fence)” and the plural of oro “mountain”.

Element in


pelo“boundary (fence)”
oro“mount, mountain, hill”
Quenya [LotRI/Mountain Wall; MR/018; MRI/Pelóri; PE17/026; PE17/092; SA/pel; SI/Pelóri; TII/Pelóri; UTI/Pelóri; WJ/403; WJI/Pelóri] Group: Eldamo. Published by



The Quenya name Pelóri translates as "the fencing or defensive heights". In a manuscript, Tolkien connects the name to Quenya pelo ("a boundary (fence)") and pella ("beyond"), deriving from root PELE. Christopher Tolkien suggested that the first element derives from pel- ("fence, enclosure"). The second element is likely or, "mountain". The Pelóri were also called the Mountains of Aman and the Mountains of Defence.

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