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noun. 'Daughter of Flowers'

prop. n. 'Daughter of Flowers'. Melian was esp. associated with the flowers in Lórien. >> lúth

Sindarin [(PE17 Sindarin Corpus) PE17:15:161] < LOT, LOTH flower + ?. Group: Parma Eldalamberon 17 Sindarin Corpus. Published by


feminine name. Daughter of Flowers

Daughter of Thingol and beloved of Beren, also known as Tinúviel (S/165). Her name was translated as “Daughter of Flowers”, a compound of lûth “inflorescence” and the feminine suffix -ien (PE17/15). This name was given to her because her mother, the Maia Melian, was especially associated with flowers when she dwelled in Lórien (PE17/161).

Conceptual Development: In very early writings, Tolkien used the name G. Lúthien for a male character, the Gnomish name of Ælfwine, translated as either “Wanderer” or “Friend” (LT2/301-4). In one place he used it as an Elvish name of England (see G. Luthany). These early names were abandoned, however.

When the character of Lúthien first appeared in the earliest Lost Tales, her given name was G. Tynwfiel, later changed to Tinúviel “Nightingale” (LT2/41, 51). In The Lays of Beleriand from the 1920s, however, Tolkien decided the name Tinúviel was given to her by Beren (LB/179-180) and that her given name as actually ᴱN. Lúthien (untranslated). This new name remained her birthname throughout all of Tolkien’s later writings, but he rarely gave the name a translation.

In The Etymologies, a rejected note translated Dor. Lúthien as “Enchantress”, a combination of luth “spell, charm” with the feminine suffix -ien (Ety/LUK). This Doriathrin translation was deleted, but the Noldorin form of her name, N. Lhúthien “Enchantress”, was not. The translation “Enchantress” is given by Hammond and Scull in the Reader’s Companion (RC/172).

The translation “Daughter of Flowers” given above appeared a list of flower roots written around 1959-60 (PE17/15), which was published after RC.


lûth“blossom, inflorescence, blossom, inflorescence [on a single plant]”
-ien“feminine ending”
Sindarin [LotRI/Lúthien; LT1I/Lúthien; MRI/Lúthien; PE17/015; PE17/161; PMI/Lúthien; SI/Lúthien; UTI/Lúthien; WJI/Lúthien] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. wanderer, pilgrim

Sindarin [Ety/383, VT/42:13, X/RH] Group: SINDICT. Published by


Daughter of Flowers

Lúthien is a Sindarin name meaning "Daughter of Flowers". The first element in the name is lúth. The second element is perhaps the feminine ending -ien.

In early writings, Doriathrin Luthien and Noldorin Lhūthien meant "enchantress", deriving from Primitive Quendian luktiēnē ("enchantress"; from root LUK "magic, enhantement").

Tinúviel (from Primitive Quendian tindômiselde) means "Nightingale", or, more literally, "Daughter of Twilight".

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luithien (Doriathrin lúthien, whence the name Lúthien), pl. luithin



(Doriathrin lúthien, whence the name Lúthien), pl. luithin



randir (pilgrim), no distinct pl. form except with article: idh randir. ”” as name of the Moon, see MOON.



(pilgrim), no distinct pl. form except with article: idh randir. ”