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Middle Primitive Elvish


root. rich, fat

A root in The Etymologies of the 1930s glossed “rich, fat” (EtyAC/LAR), a later iteration of the root ᴱ√LARA from the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s which had derivatives like ᴱQ. laru “fat, grease” and ᴱQ. laruke “fat, rich” (QL/51). The 1930s root includes the derivative ᴹQ. larma “[?pig-]fat, flesh” so it likewise seems to refer to fatty flesh and rich food, but in the 1930s it replaced a deleted entry with both ᴹ√LAR and ᴹ√LAS whose derivatives had glosses connected to blessedness and luck (EtyAC/LAR), so it seems Tolkien was vacillating somewhat on the meaning of this root.




  • ᴹ✶alar-si “hail!” ✧ EtyAC/LAR
    • ᴹQ. alla “hail!” ✧ EtyAC/LAR
  • ᴹ✶alā́ri “bliss” ✧ EtyAC/LAR
  • ᴹQ. lar “fat, riches [richness?], fat, richness, riches” ✧ EtyAC/LAR; EtyAC/LAR
  • ᴹQ. lár- “to happen” ✧ EtyAC/LAR
  • ᴹQ. larma “(?pig-)fat, flesh, fat [as a substance], (?pig-)fat, flesh” ✧ EtyAC/LAR; EtyAC/LAR
  • ᴺQ. laru “grease, fat”

Element in

  • ᴹQ. Aláriel “Eadwine” ✧ EtyAC/ÑEL (Aláriel)


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