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Irmo masc. name "Desirer", name of a Vala; normally called Lórien, properly the place where he dwells (WJ:402)


masculine name. Desirer

Vala of visions and dreams, spouse of Estë, usually referred to by the name of his realm Lórien (S/28). His name is translated “(Master of) Desire” or “Desirer” (MR/150, WJ/403, PE21/85). It is probably a translation of his (unknown) Valarin name (WJ/403). It is most likely a compound of írë “desire” and the agental suffix -mo.

Conceptual Development: In Silmarillion revisions from the beginning of the 1950s, this name first appeared as Lís, later changed to Irmo (MR/150). In earlier Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, ᴹQ. Lórien was his true name, and he was also known by the sobriquet ᴹQ. Olofantur.

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Lórien (from lor-, q.v.), place-name also used as the name of a Vala, properly the place where he dwells, whereas his real name is Irmo (WJ:402, LOS (ÓLOS, SPAN) ). Alternative forms Lorien (with a short o) and Lorion, MR:144.

* Irmo


Irmo (pronounced [ˈirmo]) is a Quenya name meaning "Desirer" or "Master of Desire". His common name Lórien (Quenya; [ˈloːri.en]) means "Land of Dreams", so he was also given the title "Master of Dreams".[source?] In early versions of the legendarium, this Vala (variously spelt Lorien and Lôrien) was given many different surnames: Qenya Olofantur (the element fantur, a derivative of the root FANA, refers to "visions, dreams, falling asleep"), Qenya Fulmur (probably from the root FUMU, "sleep"), and Gnomish Losfan (consisting of oloth "a dream, apparition, vision" + ending -fan, thus (o)loth-fan > Losfan). Gnomish renderings of his first name included Glurim (containing the element lûr "slumber") and Lûriel or Lúriel (> Lúrin).

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