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feminine name. Írildë

Sister of Hallatan, known only from a genealogy chart on UT/210. Her name may be a compound of írë “desire” and the feminine agental suffix -ldë. The similar name Irildë was also used as a Quenya name of Idril.


írë“desire, desire, [ᴹQ.] longing”
-ldë“feminine agent”



Irildë fem. name "Idhril" (Idril) (LT2:343), #Írildë (J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator p. 193), Írildë also as name of a Númenorean woman (UT:210). Irildë Taltyelemna = (later) Sindarin Idril Celebrindal;replaced Irildë Taltelepsa (KYELEP/TELEP; Taltelemna in the Etymologies as printed in LR is an error for Taltyelemna, VT45:25). Tolkien seems to have replaced Irildë as the Quenya form of Idril with Itaril, Itarillë, Itarildë, q.v., in which case the Sindarin form is definitely Idril and not Idhril.


feminine name. ?Beloved Brilliance

The original Quenya name of Idril (WJ/235), a derivative of the roots √ID and √RIL (PE17/112), perhaps meaning something like “✱Beloved Brilliance”. This name sometimes appeared as Írildë with a long Í (PE17/112, TAI/193), a form of the name that was also given to the sister of Hallatan: see Írildë.

Conceptual Development: In the earliest Lost Tales, this name first appeared as ᴱQ. Irilde (LT2/216), though at this stage it was translated “Mortal Maiden” (LT2A/Idril, GL/50). ᴹQ. Irilde appeared in The Etymologies from the 1930s as a cognate of N. Idhril (Ety/KYELEP); at this point Idhril (Idril) was given as a derivative of ᴹ√ID (Ety/ID).

Later still, Tolkien became dissatisfied with the etymology of Idril and changed her Quenya name to Q. Itarillë; see that entry for that name for further details.


  • S. Idril ✧ NM/349; PE17/112; PE17/112; WJI/Idril; WJ/235


Element in


  • Írildë ✧ NM/349
  • Írilde ✧ PE17/112 (Írilde); PE17/112
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Írildë is a contraction of the name Itarildë which means "sparkling brilliance" in Quenya (from ita- = "sparkle" and rildë = "brilliance"). Itarildë is the Quenya form of the Sindarin name Idril.

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