Quenya 


feminine name. *Sparkling Brilliance

The Quenya name of S. Idril, from which her Sindarin name was derived (SA/ril, PM/346). Her name is a combination of ita- “to sparkle” and the root √RIL “brilliance” (SA/ril, PM/363 note #42) with the feminine agental suffix -llë, perhaps meaning something like “✱Sparkling Brilliance”. This name also appeared as Itarildë, using the suffix -ldë instead (PM/348, PE17/112).

Conceptual Development: For a very long time, Idril’s Quenya name was Irildë (LT2/216, Ety/KYELEP, WJ/235), with its initial element derived from √ID (Ety/ID, PE17/112). After the publication of The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien became dissatisfied with this etymology, as the initial ✶Id- would have developed in Sindarin into Idh-. Tolkien explored several possible solutions to the problem: changing Idril to Ídhril or changing her Quenya name to Itarillë (PE17/112). He eventually settled on the second option (PM/346).

When Tolkien first introduced this new Quenya name, its initial element was íta “very, extremely” from the root √IT “repeat, multiply”, so that her name meant “Very Bright” (PE17/112). Tolkien later changed the meaning of this root to √IT “glitter” with the verb form ita- “to sparkle” (PM/363 note #42), and this was the etymology used by Christopher Tolkien in The Silmarillion appendix (SA/ril).

See Q. Irildë for earlier developments of this name.


  • Ítaril(le)Írilde ✧ PE17/112


  • S. Idril ✧ PE17/112; PE17/112; PE17/112; PM/346; PM/348; PMI/Idril; SA/ril


ita-“to sparkle”
RIL“brilliant (light), brilliance, brilliant (light), brilliance, [ᴹ√] glitter”
-llë“feminine agent”


  • Ítaril(le) ✧ PE17/112 (Ítaril(le))
  • íta-rille ✧ PE17/112 (íta-rille)
  • itaril ✧ PE17/112 (itaril)
  • Itarildë ✧ PE17/112; PM/348; PMI/Idril; SA/ril
  • Itaril/Itarillë ✧ PM/346
  • Itaril ✧ PMI/Idril
Quenya [PE17/112; PM/346; PM/348; PMI/Idril; SA/ril] Group: Eldamo. Published by



Itaril (*Itarill-), Itarillë, Itarildë fem. name, Sindarized as Idril(PM:346, 348; SA:ril). (In earlier sources, Tolkien used Irildë as the Quenya form of Idril, and the proper Noldorin/Sindarin form was then Idhril.)



Irildë fem. name "Idhril" (Idril) (LT2:343), #Írildë (J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator p. 193), Írildë also as name of a Númenorean woman (UT:210). Irildë Taltyelemna = (later) Sindarin Idril Celebrindal;replaced Irildë Taltelepsa (KYELEP/TELEP; Taltelemna in the Etymologies as printed in LR is an error for Taltyelemna, VT45:25). Tolkien seems to have replaced Irildë as the Quenya form of Idril with Itaril, Itarillë, Itarildë, q.v., in which case the Sindarin form is definitely Idril and not Idhril.