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noun. Idril

prop. n. . This gloss was rejected.

Sindarin [(PE17 Sindarin Corpus) PE17:112] < ID desire, long for + RIL brilliant. Group: Parma Eldalamberon 17 Sindarin Corpus. Published by


feminine name. Idril

Maiden of Gondolin, beloved of Tuor and mother of Eärendil (S/126). Her name is an adaption of her Quenya name Itarillë (PM/346).

Conceptual Development: This character appeared in the earliest Lost Tales as G. Idril (LT2/164), but in this period she had a second name G. Idhril, and Tolkien vacillated between the two names throughout his life. In the Gnomish Lexicon from the 1910s, Idril was translated “Beloved”, and this was said to be her true name, but she was also known as Idhril “Mortal Maiden” because of her marriage to Tuor (GL/50). In the Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, her name appeared as N. Idril (SM/36, LR/141), but in The Etymologies it was Idhril, a derivative of ᴹ√ID “desire” (Ety/ID).

Her name was Idril in The Lord of the Rings (LotR/1034), but in Notes on Names (NN) from 1957, Tolkien noted that the form should be Idhril if it were derived from the root √ID (PE17/112). At this point Tolkien devised the new derivation given above, from her Quenya name Itarillë, and this seems to have been his final word on the subject (PM/346).


  • ÍdrilÍðril ✧ PE17/112
  • IdrilÍđril ✧ PE17/112
  • ÍđrilIdril ✧ PE17/112


  • Q. Itarillë “*Sparkling Brilliance” ✧ PE17/112; PE17/112; PE17/112; PM/346; PM/348; PMI/Idril; SA/ril
  • Q. Irildë “?Beloved Brilliance” ✧ NM/349; PE17/112; PE17/112; WJI/Idril; WJ/235


  • itrā “gleaming” ✧ PE17/112
    • IT “glitter, shine, shimmer, twinkle” ✧ PE17/112
  • Q. Irildë “?Beloved Brilliance” ✧ PE17/112

Phonetic Developments

Itrā > idril[itril] > [idril]✧ PE17/112


  • Ídril ✧ PE17/112 (Ídril); PE17/112
  • Íðril ✧ PE17/112 (Íðril)
  • idril ✧ PE17/112 (idril)
  • Íđril ✧ PE17/112
  • Iðril ✧ WJI/Idril
Sindarin [LBI/Idril; LotRI/Idril; MRI/Idril; NM/349; PE17/112; PM/346; PM/348; PMI/Idril; SA/ril; SI/Idril; UTI/Idril; WJ/235; WJI/Idril] Group: Eldamo. Published by