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noun. the Ladybarrow

haudh (“mound, grave, tomb”) + en (genitive article) + ar(a) (“high, noble, royal”) + gwend (“maiden, woman”)

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place name. Ladybarrow

Grave of Lady Haleth translated “Ladybarrow” (S/147), a combination of haudh “mound”, en “of the” and Arwen “Noble Maiden”, the last used as a title rather than a name.



haudh“(funeral) mound, grave; heap, piled mound, (funeral) mound, grave, [N.] tomb; [orig.] †heap, piled mound”
en“of the”
Arwen“Noble Maiden”
Sindarin [S/147; SA/haudh; SI/Haudh-en-Arwen; WJI/Haudh-en-Arwen] Group: Eldamo. Published by



The Sindarin term Haudh-en-Arwen can roughly be translated as "Ladybarrow". The actual translation would be "Mound of the Noble Maiden". The element Arwen had no direct connection with Arwen Evenstar, who lived millennia after Haleth's time, but it does give an insight into the origin of her name. Sindarin arwen means literally "high maiden", and is translated here as the "lady" in 'Ladybarrow'. Tûr Haretha is the Mannish name of "The Ladybarrow".

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