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noun. a kinsman of Thingol

_prop. n. _a kinsman of Thingol. A S. name. >> celeb, orn

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noun. Celeborn

#high silver; celeb (silver) + orn (from PQ *ornē “uprising, tall”) Reinterpreted from earlier “silver tree”; celeb (“silver”) + orn (“tree”); S equivalent of Tel. Teleporno.

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proper name. Tree of Silver

A tree in Tol Eressëa (S/59), translated “Tree of Silver” (MR/155) or “Silver Tree” (UT/266). This name is a combination of celeb “silver” and orn “tree”.

Conceptual Development: The name N. Celeborn appeared in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s with the translation “Tree of Silver” (LR/210).


orn“(tall) tree”


  • Celeborn ✧ MR/155; MRI/Celeborn; PE17/112; SA/celeb; SA/orn; SI/Celeborn¹; UT/266; UTI/Celeborn¹
Sindarin [MR/155; MRI/Celeborn; PE17/112; SA/celeb; SA/orn; SI/Celeborn¹; UT/266; UTI/Celeborn¹] Group: Eldamo. Published by



Celeborn is a Sindarin name, consisting of celeb ("silver") + a derivative of ornā ("tall"). Teleporno, his original Telerin name, has an identical meaning. The name Teleporno was "Sindarized" as Celeborn: Telerin telpe ("silver") (Quenya tyelpe) was transformed to Sindarin celeb. He was given the epithet "the Wise" by Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings.

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