Quenya 


the sun-maiden

Arien fem. name "the Sun-maiden", the Maia of the Sun (AR1; Silm); cf. árë "sunlight"


feminine name. Maiden of the Sun

The Maiden of the Sun who guided the solar orb through the heavens after it was created (S/99). Her name is likely a compound of árë “sunlight” and the feminine suffix -ien.

Conceptual Development: When she first appeared, this character’s name was ᴱQ. Urwen(di) “Sun-maiden” (LT1/179, LT1A/Urwen), combining the early name of the Sun, ᴱQ. Ûr, with ᴱQ. wen(di) “maiden”. Her name was later revised to ᴹQ. Úrien (SM/97, SM/170) >> ᴹQ. Árien (SM/99, 168) >> ᴹQ. Arien (LR/243, Ety/AR¹).

In later writings, the name sometimes appeared with the long Á (PE17/148, MR/376) but usually had a short A, and this is the form appearing in the later drafts and published versions of The Silmarillion (MR/136, 198; S/99). In his late notes on the cosmology of Middle Earth, Tolkien consider numerous variant forms for this name: Áren, Ār(i), Ārië, Āzië and even a (rejected) masculine form Auron (MR/376, 380), but none of these variants appeared in the narratives. The early form Úrien also briefly reappeared in some linguistic note from the 1950s (PE21/86).

Quenya [LT1I/Arien; MR/136; MR/198; MR/376; MR/380; MRI/Arien; MRI/Auron; PE17/148; PE21/86; S/099; SA/arien; SI/Arien] Group: Eldamo. Published by

* Arien

Maiden of Sunlight

Arien means "Maiden of Sunlight" in Quenya, from árë "sunlight" and -ien feminine suffix.

Since Arien is connected to the "daisy" (corruption of day's eye), it is possible that the name comes from árë + hen "eye"

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* Arien


Arien means "Maiden of Sunlight" in Quenya. It is derived from the root as-, seen also in árë "sunlight" and -ien feminine suffix.

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* lairemírë

noun. daisy, (lit.) meadow-jewel *(or summer-jewel)
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Sindarin 


feminine name. Daisy

A Sindarin translation of the name of Sam’s daughter “Daisy”, presumably of the same meaning, appearing in Tolkien’s unpublished epilogue to The Lord of the Rings and in the King’s Letter (SD/126, 129). Presumably it is eirien “daisy” used as a name.

Conceptual Development: In earlier versions of the epilogue the name appeared as N. Arien or Erien (SD/117, 121).

Sindarin [SD/126; SD/129; SDI1/Eirien] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. daisy

@@@ GS/251

Sindarin [SD/126] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. daisy (flower)
Sindarin [SD/129-31] Q Arien "day-maiden" (AS1). Group: Hiswelókë's Sindarin Dictionary. Published by

* eirien


eirien (pl. eirin) (SD:128:31)

Noldorin 


feminine name. Daisy
Noldorin [SD/117; SD/121; SDI1/Arien; SDI1/Erien] Group: Eldamo. Published by

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Qenya 


feminine name. Sun-maiden
Qenya [Ety/AR¹; LR/243; LRI/Arien; PE22/017; PE22/019; PE22/047; SM/099; SM/168; SMI/Árien; SMI/Úrien] Group: Eldamo. Published by


feminine name. Sun-maiden

An earlier name for Q. Arien (SM/97, LR/243). Its initial element seems to be Ûr, an early name Tolkien used for “Sun”.

Qenya [LR/243; LRI/Arien; LRI/Úrien; SM/097; SM/099; SM/170; SMI/Árien; SMI/Úrien; SMI/Urwen] Group: Eldamo. Published by


feminine name. Sun-maiden
Qenya [GL/18; GL/75; LT1A/Ónen; LT1A/Ûr; LT1A/Urwen; LT1I/Urwendi; LT2I/Urwendi; MRI/Urwendi; PE14/015; PME/098; PMI/Urwendi; QL/098; SM/170; SMI/Úrien; SMI/Urwen] Group: Eldamo. Published by


feminine name. Sun-maiden

Also glossed as “Mistress of the Sun”, “Sun-maid”.
Variations of the word: Úrwend, Urwendi, Urwen, Urwandi.


Qenya [LT1I/Urwendi.010; LT1A/Ónen.051; LT1A/Ûr.031; LT1A/Urwen.013; SMI/Úrien.006; SM/170.3905; LT1I/Urwendi.012; SMI/Urwen.001; PE14/015.0501; PME/098.6807; QL/098.6501; GL/18.3002; SMI/Úrien.007; SM/170.3904; MRI/Urwendi.001; LT2I/Urwendi.001; LT1I/Urwendi.001; LT1A/Urwen.015; GL/75.2705; PMI/Urwendi.001; SMI/Urwen.002] Group: Eldamo. Published by



noun. daisy
Gnomish [GL/49] Group: Eldamo. Published by

Early Primitive Elvish


noun. daisy
Early Primitive Elvish [GL/49] Group: Eldamo. Published by