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place name. Kingdom, Our World, the Earth, the Realm, the Realm, the Earth, the World, The World, (lit.) Realm

One of the Elvish names of the world (S/19, Let/283). It is simply arda “realm” used as a proper name, and refers to the world as the realm of Manwë (MR/349). Properly speaking, this kingdom extends beyond just the world, including Aman and the rest of the Solar System as well (MR/337). This makes this term more expansive than Ambar, which refers only to the world itself, which is contained with Arda. Arda is in turn contained within “Creation”, which is the whole (physical) universe.

In less technical writings, however, Arda and Ambar are often used synonomously.

Conceptual Development: As a name of the world this name seems to have first emerged in Númenórean stories from the 1940s (SD/246).

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noun. particular land or region, region, region, realm, particular land or region
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arda noun "realm" (GAR under 3AR). It is said that arda, when used as a common noun, "meant any more or less bounded or defined place, a region" (WJ:402), or "a particular land or region" (WJ:413). Capitalized Arda "the Realm", name of the Earth as the kingdom of Manwë (Silm), "the name given to our world or earth...within the immensity of Eä"(Letters:283, there again rendered "realm"), "our planet" (MR:39), once translated "Earth" (SD:246). In a wider sense, Arda can refer to the entire Solar System (MR:337). Also name of tengwa #26 (Appendix E). Masc. name Ardamírë "Jewel of the World" (PM:348), shorter form Ardamir (UT:210); Ardaranyë "the Kingdom of Arda" (PE17:105)


realm, region

harda noun "realm, region" _(VT45:12, 16, 17; the word also occurs, unglossed, in the entry EN in the Etymologies)_. Changed to arda later?


noun. realm
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twelve hours, day

arya (3) noun "twelve hours, day" (AR1; compare aurë). In deleted notes this word was also used as an adjective: "of the day, light" (VT45:6). Still according to VT45:6, arya is also the name of Tengwa #26 in the pre-classical Tengwar system presupposed in the Etymologies, but Tolkien would later call #26 arda instead (indeed arya was changed from arda in the source; Tolkien would later change his mind back again). The abandoned name arya suggests that the letter was to have the value ry (rather than rd as in the classical system outlined in LotR Appendix E). Since the word for "day" (daylight period) is given as aurë in later sources, and arya is assigned other meanings in late material (see #1, 2 above), the conceptual validity of arya "day" is questionable.%



Elenarda place-name "Star-kingdom", upper sky (3AR). Deleted material in the Etymologies defined elenarda as "star-realm", "upper air or sky" (VT45:16). Compare elen, (h)arda.



#aranië noun "kingdom" (aranielya "thy kingdom") (VT43:15). Cf. #aranyë in Ardaranyë "the Kingdom of Arda" (PE17:105)



#aranyë noun "kingdom", isolated from Ardaranyë "the Kingdom of Arda" (PE17:105)



mar (1) noun "earth" (world), also "home, dwelling, mansion". Stem mard- (VT46:13, PE17:64), also seen in the ablative Mardello "from earth" (FS); the word is used with a more limited sense in oromardi "high halls" (sg. oromar, PM17:64), referring to the dwellings of Manwë and Varda on Mt. Taniquetil (Nam, RGEO:66). The initial element of Mardorunando (q.v.) may be the genitive mardo (distinguish mardo "dweller"). May be more or less identical to már "home, house, dwelling" (of persons or peoples; in names like Val(i)mar, Vinyamar, Mar-nu-Falmar, Mardil) (SA:bar, VT45:33, VT47:6). Már is however unlikely to have the stem-form mard-; a "Qenya" genitive maren appears in the phrase hon-maren, q.v., suggesting that its stem is mar-. A possible convention could therefore be to use már (mar-) for "home, house" (also when = household, family as in Mardil, q.v.), whereas mar (mard-) is used for for "earth, world". Early "Qenya" has mar (mas-) "dwelling of men, the Earth, -land" (LT1:251); notice that in LotR-style Quenya, a word in -r cannot have a stem-form in -s-.



artaurë noun "realm" (PE17:28). Cf. turmen.


noun. Earth, Habitation, the Earth, The World, Earth, (lit.) Habitation, world
Quenya [LotR/0967.3601; MR/337.3609; MRI/Ambar.016; MRI/Imbar.016; MS/01.07; PE17/064.0503; PE17/066.0303; PE17/066.0306; PE17/074.4315; PE17/078.0911; PE17/090.3406; PE17/103.3902; PE17/104.0201; PE17/104.4202; PE17/105.2004; PE17/105.3102; PE17/124.1105; PE17/163.3504; PE22/147.1104-1; VT44/36.1801-1; WJ/402.2701; WJI/Ambar.001; WJI/Imbar.001] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. earth
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kemen noun "earth"; see cemen.


noun. realm
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turmen noun "realm" (PE17:28). Turmen Follondiéva "Realm of the North-harbourage", old name for Arnor, TurmenHallondiéva "Realm of the South-harbourage", old name for Gondor (PE17:28)



#turindië, #túrindië noun "kingdom" (turindielya, túrindielya "thy kingdom", VT43:15). These words for "kingdom" Tolkien perhaps abandoned in favour of #aranië, q.v.



#turinasta, #túrinasta noun "kingdom" (turinastalya, túrinastalya "thy kingdom", VT43:15). These words for "kingdom" Tolkien perhaps abandoned in favour of #aranië, q.v.


earth, soil, land

cemi noun "earth, soil, land"; Cémi ("k")"Mother Earth" (LT1:257; the "Qenya" word cemi would correspond to cemen in LotR-style Quenya)

* arda


Arda derives from the Primitive Quendian word gardā meaning "bounded or defined place, region".

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* aranië

noun. kingdom
Quenya [PE17/105.2811-2; VT43/15.1905] Group: Eldamo. Published by