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Early Noldorin


noun. ray of light

A noun appearing as ᴱN. {aglen >>} aglann “ray of light” in the Early Noldorin Word Lists of the 1910s (PE13/136, 158), probably derived from the early root ᴱ√KALA (QL/44). It may be related to G. {aglan >>} aglen “a flash” appearing in Gnomish Lexicon Slips (PE13/108), and perhaps replaced G. augla “ray of sunlight, sunbeam” (GL/20), though this last word appears to be derived from ᴱ√AWA “burn; be parched, yellow, warm” (QL/33).

Neo-Sindarin: I think this word can be adapted into Neo-Sindarin as ᴺS. aglann “ray of light”, related to ᴹQ. alka of the same meaning.


  • aglenaglann ✧ PE13/136


  • ᴱ√KALA “shine golden”

Element in


  • aglen ✧ PE13/136 (aglen)
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