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Middle Primitive Elvish


root. have, hold

A root in The Etymologies of the 1930s glossed “have, hold” with derivatives like ᴹQ. arda/N. ardh “realm”, ᴹQ. harma “treasure” and ᴹQ. harya- “possess” (Ety/ƷAN). The continued appearance of Q. harya- “have” (MS) and Q. harma “treasure” (LotR/1123) indicated this root remained valid in Tolkien’s later writings, though perhaps reconceived of as ✱√HAR after Tolkien replaced primitive ʒ with h. Some of its derivatives seems to have been transferred later to √GAR, notably Q. arda/S. gardh “region, realm” that were later derived from primitive ✶gardā (WJ/402).


  • ƷARƷAR “have, hold, keep” ✧ Ety/ƷAR
  • ƷARAƷAR “possess” ✧ EtyAC/ƷARA


  • Ilk. garon “lord” ✧ Ety/ƷAR; EtyAC/ƷARA
  • ᴹQ. haran “king, chieftain, lord or king of a specified region” ✧ Ety/ƷAR; Ety/TĀ; EtyAC/ƷARA
  • ᴹQ. arda “realm, region” ✧ Ety/EN; EtyAC/ƷARA
  • Q. harma “treasure, treasure, [ᴹQ.] treasured thing”
  • ᴹQ. harma “treasure, treasured thing” ✧ Ety/ƷAR
  • ᴹQ. harwe “treasure, treasury” ✧ Ety/ƷAR
  • Q. harya- “to have, to have, [ᴹQ.] possess”
  • ᴹQ. harya- “to possess” ✧ Ety/ƷAR
  • ᴹQ. haryon “prince (heir)” ✧ Ety/ƷAR
  • N. aran “king, lord (of a specific region)” ✧ Ety/ƷAR; Ety/TĀ; EtyAC/ƷARA
  • Ilk. garth “realm” ✧ Ety/ƷAR; EtyAC/ƷARA
  • N. ardh “realm” ✧ Ety/ƷAR; EtyAC/ƷARA
  • On. aran “king”
    • N. aran “king, lord (of a specific region)”

Element in

  • N. Arthoren “Fenced Realm” ✧ Ety/THUR
  • Ilk. Garthurian “Fenced Realm, Hidden Realm” ✧ Ety/THUR; Ety/ƷAR (Garthurian)


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