Primitive elvish


noun. *mineral

A primitive element of ✶sinkitamo, the basis for Q. sintamo “smith” (PE17/108). It is unlikely to mean “metal”, given Q. tinco “metal” from The Lord of the Rings (LotR/1122). I think it may mean “mineral” in the sense of any non-organic solid, a later iteration of ᴱQ. sink “mineral, gem, metal”, presumably applying to all of these (QL/83). As further evidence of this, it is almost certainly the basis for Q. sinca “flint” as in Q. sincahonda “flint-hearted” (LotR/979). Perhaps this was originally an adjective formation ✱sinkā “mineral-like”.


  • Q. sinca “flint, flint; *flinty”
  • ᴺQ. sincë “mineral [as in any solid inorganic substance], gem, metal”
  • ᴺS. senc “mineral-like, flinty; flint”
  • ᴺS. sinc “*mineral, [G.] metal”

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