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masculine name. *Stone Lord

The 31st king of Gondor (LotR/1038). His name is a compound ondo “stone” and heru “lord”.

Conceptual Development: In the drafts of the Lord of the Rings appendices, Tolkien first gave his name as Ondohir, with a transient variation Ondonir (PM/195, 200). Ondohir was a “mixed name” whose final element was Sindarin S. hîr “lord” (PM/210). In the 2nd edition of The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien changed it to the pure Quenya name Ondoher.

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ondo noun "stone" as a material, also "rock" (UT:459, GOND). Pl. ondor in an earlier variant of Markirya; partitive pl. locative ondolissë "on rocks" in the final version. Compounded in ondomaitar "sculptor in stone" (PE17:163), Ondoher masc.name, *"Stone-lord" (ondo alluding to Ondonórë = Sindarin Gondor, "stone-land") (Appendix A), #ondolunca ("k") "stonewain", possessive form in the place-name Nand Ondoluncava "Stonewain Valley" (PE17:28, also Ondoluncanan(do) as a compound). Ondolindë place-name "Gondolin" (SA:gond, J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator p. 193); see Ondo. Earlier "Qenya" has Ondolinda _(changed from Ondolin) "singing stone, Gondolin" (LT1:254)_


noun. stone

PQ. stone

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on, ondo noun "stone" (LT2:342, LT1:254 probably only ondo in LotR-style Quenya, see below). Various "Qenya" forms: ondoli "rocks" (MC:213; this would be a partitive plural in LotR-style Quenya), ondolin "rocks" (MC:220), ondoisen "upon rocks" (MC:221), ondolissen "rocks-on" (MC:214; the latter form, partitive plural locative, is still valid in LotR-style Quenya).

* ondoher


Ondoher means "Stone Lord" in Quenya (from ondo = "stone" and hér = "lord"), in reference to Gondor, the "Stone Land". The name "Ondoher" was spelled as Ondohir in early manuscripts, changed to Ondonir in a later manuscript, reverted to Ondohir in the first edition of The Return of the King, and finally became Ondoher in the second edition.

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