masculine name. *Elf-friend

The Adûnaic name for Q. Elendil “Elf-friend”, almost certainly with the same meaning (SD/247). The first element is the objective form of Nimir “Elf” and the second element is an agental-formation for zîr-to love” (SD/389). Conceptual Development: The first Adûnaic version of this name, Nimruzân, shares the same suffix as the first Adûnaic version of his father’s Adûnaic name Arbazân*.

Adûnaic [PMI/Nimruzîr; SD/247; SD/365; SD/389; SDI2/Nimruzân; SDI2/Nimruzîr] Group: Eldamo. Published by

* nimruzîr

noun. Elf-friend

A noun meaning “Elf-friend”, attested only in the (subjective) plural form Nimruzîrim (PM/151). It is identical to the Adûnaic name Nimruzîr of Q. Elendil, which had the same meaning.

Conceptual Development: An earlier name for the faithful Númenóreans was Avaltiri (SD/347).

Adûnaic [PM/151; PMI/Nimruzîrim] Group: Eldamo. Published by