balîk hazad an-nimruzîr azûlada

seven ships of Elendil [went] eastward

The 8th phrase of the Lament of Akallabêth (SD/247). As written, it seems to be an incomplete noun phrase rather then a full sentence. It contains neither a verb nor a noun in the subjective case that could represent a copula (“to be” statement).

The first word, balîk “ships” is the normal plural of #balak “ship”. It is in a genitive composition with the number hazad “seven”, a construction discussed on SD/428, literally meaning “✱seven of ships”. This is modified by the phrase an-Nimruzîr “of Elendil” consisting of the genitive prefix an- “of” and the name Nimruzîr (Q. Elendil). The final word, azûlada “eastward(s)” is a composition of azûl “east” and the suffix -ada “(to)wards”.

The final typescript and manuscript versions differ only in that the manuscript is missing the dash “-” in the genitive an-Nimruzîr “of Elendil” (VT24/12). The previous (second draft) version of the phrase is missing the entire prefix an- (SD/312). The first draft had a rather different sentence.


  • balīk hazad nimruzīr azūladabalīk hazad an-nimruzīr azūlada ✧ SD/247


  • ᴹQ. Turkildi rómenna “the Lordly Men [Númenóreans] [go] eastward” ✧ SD/247

Element in


  • balīk hazad an-nimruzīr azūlada ✧ SD/247
  • balīk hazad nimruzīr azūlada ✧ SD/312
  • balīk hazad annimruzīr azūlada ✧ VT24/12
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