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noun. wide wing

land (“wide, broad”) + roval (“great wing”)

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noun. 'Broad winged'

prop. n. 'Broad winged'. >> raw, rov-, roval

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masculine name. Broad Winged

One of the great eagles (LotR/948), translated “Broad Winged” (PE17/63, 101), a combination of land “broad” and roval “winged”.

Conceptual Development: This character appeared as N. Lhandroval “Wide-winged” in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s but was removed from later versions of The Silmarillion (LR/301), most likely because he appeared as a character in The Lord of the Rings and was not an immortal. When the character first appeared in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s his name was still Lhandroval, but was revised to Landroval (SD/50 note #3).


land“wide, broad, wide, broad; [N.] open space, level”
roval“winged, winged; [N.] pinion, great wing (of an eagle)”
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Landroval is a Sindarin name meaning "broad winged", containing the element roval ("wing").

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