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Athrad i-Negyth

noun. ford of the dwarves

athrad (“river-crossing, ford, way”) + in (pl. genitive article) + negyth (pl. of nogoth “dwarf”) #The first element could be interpreted as: ath (prefix “on both sides, across”) + râd (“path, track”) [Etym. RAT-]

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athrad i-negyth

place name. Ford of the Dwarves

A proposed replacement for Sarn Athrad, translated “Ford of the Dwarves” and also appearing in a (rejected) singular form Athrad i-Nogoth (WJ/338). It is a combination of athrad “ford”, the definite article i and the plural Negyth of Nogoth “(Greater) Dwarf”.


  • Athrad i-NogothAthrad i-Negyth ✧ WJ/338


  • Athrad i-Nogoth ✧ WJ/338 (Athrad i-Nogoth)
  • Athrad-i-Nogoth ✧ WJI/Athrad-i-Nogoth
  • Athrad-i-Negyth ✧ WJI/Athrad-i-Nogoth
Sindarin [WJ/338; WJI/Athrad-i-Nogoth] Group: Eldamo. Published by