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Sarn Athrad

noun. stone ford

sarn (“stone as a material”), athrad (ger. of athra- “river-crossing, ford, way”); #The second element could be interpreted as: ath (prefix “on both sides, across”) + râd (“path, track”)

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sarn athrad

place name. Ford of Stones

A ford across the river Gelion translated “Ford of Stones” (S/92), its name is a combination of sarn “stone” and athrad “ford” (SA/sarn, thar).

Conceptual Development: The name dates back to the earliest Lost Tales and developed as follows: G. Sarnathrod “Stony Ford” (LT2/236) >> N. Sarn-athra/Athrasarn (SM/133, 244) >> N. Sarn Athrad “Stone of Crossing” (LR/406) >> S. Sarn Athrad “Ford of Stones” (S/92).


sarn“(small) stone, pebble; stony (place), (small) stone, pebble; stony (place); [N.] stone as a material”
athrad“ford, crossing”


  • Sarn-athrad ✧ RC/163; RC/775
Sindarin [RC/163; RC/775; S/092; S/232; SA/sarn; SA/thar; SI/Ford of Stones; SI/Sarn Athrad; UTI/Sarn Athrad; WJI/Sarn Athrad] Group: Eldamo. Published by

Sarn Athrad

Sarn Athrad

Sarn Athrad means "Ford of Stones" or "stony ford" in Sindarin (sarn + athrad).

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