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Middle Primitive Elvish


noun. day


  • ᴹ√AR “day” ✧ Ety/AR¹


  • ᴹQ. are “day” ✧ Ety/AR¹
  • N. ar- “day” ✧ Ety/AR¹

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√AR¹ > ari-[ari]✧ Ety/AR¹


  • ari- ✧ Ety/AR¹
Middle Primitive Elvish [Ety/AR¹; EtyAC/AR¹] Group: Eldamo. Published by


root. day

A root in The Etymologies of the 1930s glossed “day” with various derivatives like ᴹQ. are, N. aur “day” and ᴹQ. arin “morning” (Ety/AR¹). In Tolkien’s later writings, the Quenya word for “day” became aurë (RC/727; S/190), and in 1957 Quenya Notes he devised a new etymology for these day-words from the root √UR “heat” as in ✶auri “heat, period of sun” (PE17/148). That opens the question whether the various 1930s Quenya “morning” words from ᴹ√AR remain valid, but many Neo-Quenya writers (including me) retain them since there aren’t really any good alternatives. They might be salvageable as derivatives of the later root √AS “warmth” (so that “day” = “hot” and “morning” = “warm”).


  • ᴹ✶ari “day” ✧ Ety/AR¹
    • ᴹQ. are “day” ✧ Ety/AR¹
    • N. ar- “day” ✧ Ety/AR¹
  • ᴹQ. ára “dawn, day” ✧ Ety/AR¹
  • ᴹQ. arie “daytime” ✧ Ety/AR¹
  • ᴹQ. arin “morning” ✧ Ety/AR¹
  • ᴹQ. arya “day (twelve hours)” ✧ Ety/AR¹
  • N. arad “daytime, a day” ✧ Ety/AR¹
  • N. aur “day, morning” ✧ Ety/AR¹

Element in

  • ᴹQ. Árien “Sun-maiden” ✧ Ety/AR¹
  • ᴹQ. artuile “dayspring, early morn” ✧ Ety/TUY
  • ᴹQ. Aryante “Day-bringer” ✧ Ety/ANA¹
  • N. Eriant “Day-bringer” ✧ Ety/AR¹
Middle Primitive Elvish [Ety/ANA¹; Ety/AR¹; Ety/TUY] Group: Eldamo. Published by