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noun. great-thirsty-ash

and (“great”) + faug (“thirst“) + lith (“ash, sand, dust”).

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place name. Gasping Dust

The name of the plain of Ard-galen after it was devastated by the fires of Morgoth, translated “Gasping Dust” (S/150). The name includes of faug “thirsty” and lith “dust” (SA/faug, lith). Its initial element may be an intensive prefix, the equivalent of Q. an-, with “gasping” an intensive form of “thirsty”.

Conceptual Development: In the earliest Silmarillion drafts, the site of the Battle of Unnumbered Tears was named ᴱN. Niniach (SM/4), but later in the 1930s Tolkien revised the name to N. Fauglith (LR/289). In The Etymologies, this name was translated as “Thirsty Sand” but otherwise had essentially the same derivation as given above, missing only the intensive prefix (Ety/LIT, PHAU).


an-“intensive prefix”
faug“gape, [N.] thirsty, [S.] gape”
lith“ash, ash; [N.] sand”


  • Fauglith ✧ WJI/Dor-na-Fauglith
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Anfauglith means "By Gasping Dust" in Sindarin (from an- = "with, by", faug = "thirsty, gasping", and lith = "ash, sand, dust"). Another name was Dor-nu-Fauglith translated as "Land under Choking Ash"

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