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masculine name. Master of Doom

The Sindarin equivalent of Q. Turambar, the second name of Túrin. It is a compound of S. tûr “mastery, victory” and S. amarth “fate, doom” (Ety/TUR, SA/amarth).

Conceptual development: This name developed from G. Turumart “Conqueror of Fate” in the earliest Lost Tales (LT2/86) to N. Turumarth “Master of Fate” in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s (SM/127, Ety/TUR) and finally S. Turamarth “Master of Doom” in Silmarillion revisions from the 1950s-60s. All forms of the name had essentially the same derivation as given above, though Tolkien vacillated between Tura- and Turu- even in later writings (WJ/315).


  • Q. Turambar “Master of Doom, Master of Fate” ✧ SA/amarth; WJI/Turumarth


Element in


tûr“master, [N.] mastery, victory, [ᴱN.] power [over others]; [S.] master”
amarth“fate, doom”


  • Túramarth ✧ VT50/05; VT50/18
  • Turumarth ✧ WJI/Turumarth
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