Sindarin iT2#7T5

Sarn Gebir

noun. stone spikes

sarn (“stone as a material”) cebir (pl. of ceber “stake, spike”)

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sarn gebir

place name. rapids of the spikes, Stone-spikes

A series of rapids on the river Anduin described as “sharp shelves and stony teeth” (LotR/391) and translated “Stone-spikes” (RC/327). This name is a combination of sarn “stone” and the plural of the lenited plural of ceber “spike” (SA/sarn, RC/327). This formation is somewhat odd, since nouns in this position are not usually lenited in Sindarin, though they were in earlier Noldorin. The form Gebir may be a hold-over of its early Noldorin name.

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, these rapids were first named N. Pensarn, quickly revised to N. Ruinel >> Sarn Ruin (TI/366), and a bit later to (plural) Sern Gebir >> Sarn Gebir (TI/283). These last two forms also appeared in the Etymologies with an unclear gloss, perhaps “?lonestone” or “?limestone”, but they were struck out (Ety/KEPER, EtyAC/KEPER).

Sindarin [LotR/0391.2513; LotRI/Sarn Gebir.001; RC/327.2413; RC/327.2905; RC/775.0903; SA/sarn.020; UTI/Sarn Gebir.001] Group: Eldamo. Published by

* Sarn Gebir

Sarn Gebir

Sarn Gebir is a Sindarin name meaning "stone-spiked".

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Noldorin 5^mY7T5

sarn gebir

place name. lone stone, stand[?ing stones], [?lime]stones

Variations of the word: Sarngebir, Sarn-gebir, Sern Gebir, Sarn Gebir.


sarnstone as a material-
cebir?lone stoneEty/KEPER.023
Noldorin [TII/Sarn Gebir.001; WR/098.3401; WRI/Sarn Gebir.001; EtyAC/KEPER.037; TI/283.0705; Ety/KEPER.025; TI/283.0711; EtyAC/KEPER.038] Group: Eldamo. Published by