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place name. Ever (Snow) White, Everlasting Whiteness, Ever-snow-white, Everwhite, Everwhite, Eversnow

Another name for Taniquetil (LotR/377, S/37) variously translated as “Everlasting Whiteness”, “Ever-snow”, “Ever-white” or “Ever-snow-white”. This name is a compound of oi(o) “ever” and lossë¹ “snow, snow-white” (RGEO/61).

Conceptual Development: In Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, this name first appeared as ᴹQ. Ialasse “Everlasting Whiteness” (SM/81). A similar form ᴹQ. Iolosse appeared in the Etymologies (Ety/EY, GEY) and possibly also in the Silmarillion texts (LR/210), but it was rejected and replaced by its final form ᴹQ. Oiolosse (Ety/OY, LR/209).

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everlasting snow

[Iolossë] place-name "Everlasting Snow" = Taniquetil (GEY, EY; changed to Oiolossë)


endless period

oio noun "an endless period" (CO) or adv. "ever" (SA:los). Oiolairë "Ever-summer" (name of a tree, UT:167; also in the name Coron Oiolairë, "Mound of Ever-summer". Oiolossë "Everwhite, Ever-snowwhite", a name of Taniquetil (OY), hence the translation "Mount Everwhite" in Tolkien's rendering of Namárië. See also SA:los. Explicit "mount" in Oron Oiolossë "Mount Everwhite" (WJ:403). Ablativic genitive Oiolossëo "from Mount Everwhite" in Namárië (Nam, RGEO:67, OY)


high white horn

Taniquetil (Taniquetild-), place-name: the highest of the mountains of Valinor, upon which were the mansions of Manwë and Varda. Properly, this name refers to the topmost peak only, the whole mountain being called Oiolossë (SA:til). The Etymologies has Taniquetil, Taniquetildë ("q") (Ta-niqe-til) ("g.sg." Taniquetilden, in LotR-style Quenya this is the dative singular) "High White Horn" (NIK-W, TIL, TA/TA3, OY). Variant Taníquetil with a long í, translated "high-snow-peak"(PE17:26, 168).



Oiolossë (also spelled Oiolosse) is Quenya and means "Ever-snow-white", "Everwhite/snowy", or "Everlasting snow". The name seems to consist of oio "ever" (cf. root OY-) and losse "snow". In Eriol's Old English translations, Oiolossë is referred to as Sinsnaw, Sinsnaewen "Ever-snow". The Sindarin equivalent of Oiolossë was Amon Uilos.

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place name. Everlasting Snow

[Ety/EY.016; Ety/GOLÓS.011; Ety/OY.023] Group: Eldamo. Published by

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Qenya zR5Ì#


place name. Everlasting Snow, Everlasting Whiteness

[Ety/OY.016; LR/209.1309; LR/210.2901; LRI/Ialassë.006; LRI/Oiolossë.001; SMI/Ialassë.007; TII/Oiolossë.001] Group: Eldamo. Published by


place name. Everlasting Snow, ever-snow

[Ety/EY.012; Ety/GEY.015; LRI/Ialassë.002] Group: Eldamo. Published by

Old Noldorin


place name. Everlasting snow

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