Beware, older languages below! The languages below were invented during Tolkien's earlier period and should be used with caution. Remember to never, ever mix words from different languages!

Early Primitive Elvish


root. give to feed; feed, pasture; graze

A root given as ᴱ√NESE “give to feed; feed, pasture, etc.; graze” in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s, with derivatives like ᴱQ. nesse “herb, grass, fodder”, ᴱQ. nesta- “feed” and ᴱQ. nes (ness-) “mead, valley, land”, the last of these transferred from ᴱ√NEŘE (QL/66). In the contemporaneous Gnomish Lexicon it had derivatives like G. nesta- “put to grass, graze, pasture, feed”, G. nethron “herd”, and G. ness “water meadow, long grass” (GL/60). The later word S. ness “headland” (UT/28) might be a remnant of G. ness.

Neo-Eldarin: I think this may be used as a Neo-Root ᴺ√NES in order to salvage various early words for “feed” and “pasture”. In earlier versions of this lexicon, I used to recommend √NAD for pasture words as suggested by Boris Shapiro in PPQ, but The Nature of Middle-earth published in 2021 revealed that the gloss for this root was “hollow” (NM/351), making it less suitable for pasture words.


  • Eq. nermi “field spirit, fay of the meads” ✧ QL/066
  • Eq. nes “food, feed, fodder” ✧ QL/066
  • Eq. nesse “(green) fodder, herb, grass” ✧ QL/066
  • Eq. nesta “(act of) feeding” ✧ QL/066
  • Eq. nesta- “to feed” ✧ QL/066
  • Eq. nese- “to graze, pasture, give to feed, feed” ✧ QL/066
  • G. ness “water meadow; long grass”
  • G. nesta- “to put to grass, graze, pasture, feed”
  • G. nethli “long lush grass, little meadow”
  • G. nethron “herd”
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