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noun. valley of dim streams

nan (“vally, grassland”) + dú (“nightfall, dimness”) + sîr (“river”) + ion (pl. genitive suffix)

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'Vale of Dim Streams'

topon. 'Vale of Dim Streams', Dimrill Dale. Dw. Azanul-bizar.

Sindarin [(PE17 Sindarin Corpus) PE17:35:37] < S. _nan(d) _vale + S. _dû_ dimness + S. _sîr_ stream + _-(i)on_ a suff. in names of regions. Group: Parma Eldalamberon 17 Sindarin Corpus. Published by


place name. Dimrill Dale, (lit.) Vale of (the Region of) Dim Streams

A valley in the Misty Mountains translated “Dimrill Dale” (LotR/283) or more literally “Vale of (the Region of) Dim Streams” (RC/269, PE17/37). It is itself a translation of Kh. Azanulbizar of similar meaning (LotR/283, TI/166, PE17/35). This name is a combination of nan(d) “valley”, “night, dimness”, the lenited form hir of sîr “river, stream”, and the suffix -ion “-region, -land” (PE17/37).

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, this valley was first named N. Tum Dincelon “Dimrill Dale” (RS/434), later revised to N. Nanduhiriath (TI/174) and finally N. Nanduhirion (TI/166).


  • Kh. Azanulbizar “Dimrill Dale, (lit.) Rills of the Shadows” ✧ RC/269; LotR/0283; LotRI/Azanulbizar; LotRI/Dimrill Dale; PE17/035; PE17/037; PMI/Azanulbizar; PMI/Nanduhirion; RC/768; UTI/Azanulbizar; UTI/Nanduhirion


nan(d)“vale, valley, vale, valley, [ᴱN.] dale; [N.] wide grassland; [G.] field acre”
“night, dimness; dim, dark, night, dimness; [N.] night-fall, late evening; [S.] dim, dark”
sîr“river, stream”
-ion“-region, -land”


  • Nan Duhirion ✧ RC/269; RC/768
  • Duhir-ion ✧ RC/269
Sindarin [LotR/0283; LotRI/Azanulbizar; LotRI/Dimrill Dale; LotRI/Nanduhirion; PE17/035; PE17/037; PE17/042; PMI/Azanulbizar; PMI/Nanduhirion; RC/269; RC/768; RSI/Nanduhiriath; SA/sîr; UTI/Azanulbizar; UTI/Nanduhirion] Group: Eldamo. Published by



Nanduhirion contains the elements nan(d) ("vale"), ("dimness"), sîr ("stream") and the ending -(i)on.

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