Quenya 


noun. Danian Elves

Danian Elves

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collective name. Danian Elves, Silvan Elves, Silvan Elves, (lit.) Those who go back, Those who go back, Those who turn back

The common Quenya name for the Silvan Elves meaning “Those who go back” (SI/54, WJ/384). This name was derived from the ancient word ✶ndandō “one who goes back on his word or decision” (WJ/412), and its Quenya form is attested only in the plural.

Conceptual Development: The name ᴹQ. Nanar “Green-elves” appeared in The Etymologies with a similar derivation (Ety/DAN). A deleted form ᴹQ. Nanyar appears in the first draft of the Lhammas from the mid-30s (LR/175). In Silmarillion revisions from the 1950s-60s, this word was first written Nandar but was immediately changed to Nandor (MR/169).

Quenya [MR/169.2303; MR/169.2304; MRI/Nandor.001; MRI/Nandor.017; PE18/073.0103; PMI/Nandor.001; SI/Nandor.001; SI/Silvan Elves.038; UTI/Nandor.001; VT48/32.4001; WJ/384.3001; WJ/412.1303; WJI/Nandor.001] Group: Eldamo. Published by


one who goes back on his word or decision

#Nando (1) pl. Nandor noun name of the Green-elves (Laiquendi). The primitive word ¤ndandō, whence Quenya Nando, implied "one who goes back on his word or decision", since the Nandor left the March from Cuiviénen to Aman. Adj. Nandorin. (WJ:412, VT48:32)

* Nandor


Nandor is a Quenya name, meaning "Those who go back", apparently containing the element nan-.

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* cemendur

noun. farmer
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Sindarin 

* danwaith


(a tribe of Elves) Danwaith ("Dan-folk"), lenited Nanwaith (WJ:385). Also called, by confusion with the name of their leader Denwe, Denwaith (”People of Denwe”) (WJ:385)

* redhor

noun. farmer
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Nandorin 


collective name. Nandor
Nandorin [WJ/385.1701; WJI/Lindar.024] Group: Eldamo. Published by

* Lindi

noun. Nandor

This is what the Nandor called themselves, a cognate of Quenya Lindar (Teleri) (WJ:385). The sg. is probably *lind, perhaps attested in the name Lindórinan. This form is stated to descend from the older clan-name Lindai (WJ:385), or at the oldest stage Lindâi (WJ:378). Lindâ was originally the name of a member of the Third Clan of the Elves, among the Eldar also called the Teleri; the Nandor came from this branch of the Eldarin peoples. In WJ:382, Lindâ is stated to be derived from a stem LIN, the primary reference of which is to "melodious or pleasing sound"; Lindâ, derived by medial fortification and adjectival , would seem to be in its origin an adjective, but later applied to the third clan of the Elves and eventually used as a noun. The reference was to their love of song (notice that Tolkien translated the name Lindórinan as "Vale of the Land of the Singers"; UT:253).

The Nandorin word Lindi alone in our small Green-elven corpus shows a direct descendant of the Primitive Quendian ending , while the sole other attested Nandorin plural is formed by umlaut: urc "Orc" pl. yrc. Perhaps the ending -i persisted in the case of words that had the stem-vowel i, since this vowel could not be changed by umlaut (being already identical to the vowel causing the umlaut so that no assimilation was possible); therefore, singular and plural would become identical if the plural ending -i had been dropped as in yrc. (It may not be necessary to invoke the simple "real-world" explanation that Tolkien's ideas about Nandorin had changed during the thirty years that separate the source that has yrc from the source that provides the word Lindi.)

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Primitive elvish


noun. one who goes back on his word or decision
Primitive elvish [WJ/412.1610] Group: Eldamo. Published by

Qenya 


proper name. Danian Elves

A term for the Danians appearing in linguistic notes from the 1930s (PE18/24), a replacement for Pereldar.

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noun. farmer
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