Quenya 


masculine name. World-artificer

A title for Aulë appearing in a very late note (LT1A/Talka Marda). The second element is clearly tamo “smith”, and the first element “World” may be either mar(da) or már. I consider the first of these to be more likely: see the entry for mar(da) for discussion.

Conceptual Development: An early form of this name appeared in the Lost Tales: ᴱQ. Talka Marda “Smith of the World” (LT1/180, LT1A/Talka Marda). The name appeared in The Etymologies from the 1930s as ᴹQ. Martan(o) “Earth-smith”, a compound of mar “Earth” and tano “smith” (Ety/MBAR, TAN). In notes from the 1950s, Tolkien revised tano >> tamo (PE17/107), which is probably the origin of the later form of this name.


  • S. Barthan “World-artificer” ✧ LT1A/Talka Marda


  • Mbartanō “World-artificer” ✧ LT1A/Talka Marda


mar(da)“dwelling, (great) house, residence, mansion, a thing or place dwelt in, home, dwelling, (great) house, residence, mansion, a thing or place dwelt in, home; [ᴱQ.] world”
tamo“smith, builder”

Phonetic Developments

mbartanō > Martamo[mbartanō] > [martanō] > [martano]✧ LT1A/Talka Marda
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Martan (2), also Martano, noun "Earth-smith", "Earthbuilder", a surname of Aule (TAN, GAWA/GOWO the form _Martan_ō given under MBAR must be understood as a primitive form). LT1:266 refers to a "very late note" where a variant Quenya form "Martamo" is derived from ¤mbartanō**"world-artificer"; the stated primitive form (as well as the Sindarin cognate Barthan) would suggest that the Quenya form should be Martano; on the other hand, tamo (q.v.) does occur as a variant of tano** "smith".