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place name. Land of Music

Land of the Nandor in eastern Beleriand, translated “Land of Music” (S/123), based on lind “song”. This name was originally Nandorin, adopted into Sindarin (WJ/385), because normally [[s|[nd] became [nn]]] in Sindarin.

Conceptual Development: In Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, the name Ilk. Lindon was translated “Region of Music” and provided a new explanation for the name of the mountain range Eredlindon (LR/267). In The Etymologies, it was translated “Musical Land” and designated Ilkorin, appearing beside a variant Lhinnon which is probably the Noldorin form of the name (Ety/LIN²).




Element in

  • S. Dor Lindon ✧ WJI/Dor Lindon
  • S. Ered Lindon “Mountains of Lindon” ✧ SA/lin²; WJ/385
  • S. Forlindon “Lindon north of the Gulf of Lune”
  • S. Harlindon “Lindon south of the Gulf of Lune”


lind“song, chant, singing; singer, song, chant, singing, [N.] air, tune; [N. and S.] singer”

Phonetic Developments

Lindānā > Lindon[lindānā] > [lindāna] > [lindǭna] > [lindauna] > [lindaun] > [lindon] > [linnon]✧ WJ/385
Sindarin [LotRI/Lindon; MRI/Lindon; PMI/Lindon; S/123; SA/lin²; SI/Lindon; SMI/Lindon; UTI/Lindon; WJ/385; WJI/Dor Lindon; WJI/Lindon] Group: Eldamo. Published by