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ered lindon

place name. Mountains of Lindon

The mountains in eastern Beleriand and western Eriador named after the region Lindon (S/123). This name is a combination of the plural of orod “mountain” with that region name.

Conceptual Development: In Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, this name first appeared as N. Eredlindon, but it was first translated “Blue Mountains” (LR/126, LR/260). The second element of this name was originally derived from N. glinn “(pale) blue”, but in The Etymologies Tolkien rejected this word (Ety/GLINDI, EtyAC/GLINDI). He then revised this name’s derivation to the one given above, though at this stage, Lindon was an Ilkorin name (Ety/LIN², ÓROT). Despite this change, Tolkien still referred to them as the “Blue Mountains” in The Lord of the Rings (LotR/43), but with a new Sindarin name Ered Luin.


Lindon“Land of Music”


  • Eryd Lindon ✧ WJ/385; WJI/Eryd Lindon
Sindarin [PMI/Ered Lindon; S/123; SA/lin²; SA/orod; SI/Blue Mountains; SI/Ered Lindon; UTI/Ered Lindon; WJ/385; WJI/Eryd Lindon] Group: Eldamo. Published by