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Ered Luin

noun. blue mountains

ered (pl. of orod “mountain”), luin (pl. of lûn, lhûn “blue”)

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Ered Luin

'Blue Mountains'

topon. 'Blue Mountains'. . This gloss was rejected.

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ered luin

place name. Blue Mountains

The “Blue Mountains” in western Beleriand and eastern Eriador (S/54, 91), also named Ered Lindon (S/123). This name is a combination of the plural of orod “mountain” and the adjective luin “blue”, which has the same singular and plural forms.

Conceptual Development: In Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, this name appeared as N. Eredluin “Blue Mountains” (SM/121, LR/267), but at this stage its second element was the lenited plural of N. lhûn, as is clear from its variant name N. Lhúnorodrim (Ety/LUG²).




  • Eryd Luin ✧ WJ/385; WJI/Eryd Luin
Sindarin [LBI/Ered Luin; Let/263; LotRI/Blue Mountains; LotRI/Ered Luin; PE17/136; PMI/Ered Luin; S/054; S/091; SA/luin; SI/Blue Mountains; SI/Ered Luin; UTI/Ered Luin; VT48/23; VT48/24; VT48/27; VT48/28; WJ/385; WJI/Eryd Luin] Group: Eldamo. Published by